Friday, August 19, 2011

Can you make an Art

Yesterday I was really not feeling well for the past few days we've been so busy with work and I didn't notice that I have been suffering with soar throat, last night when I came home after work I just lay down  on my bed and hugged my pillow. I kept on changing the television channel and when I put it on channel 5 the show was a tagalized movie of Evan's Almighty, I remembered that I've already watched that movie but forgot some of the scene. 

The main character was a congressman in the United States Senate he has 3 kids, he was a busy dad since he was working with the senators he usually spend all of his time working. On his first day of work he woke up because of the ring of their alarm clock repeated goes of at 6:14, a delivery truck came to deliver tons of ancient wood, and eight vacant lots from . Strange things started to happen; his car plate number was change into GEN 614, different kinds of couple animals kept on following him wherever he goes, beard started growing, a strange old man suddenly appeared he introduced himself as God all the people he sees looks like the old man. He told Evan to make an art a flood will come Sept 22, new came flashing all over the news the thought that he was insane to try to build an art in this kind of generation. Sadly Joan, Evan's wife left with their kids because of some misunderstanding then God appeared and pretended as a waiter in a dinner he talked to Joan he told her that God doesn't give things but only the opportunity to obtain things.

Joan went back home to help Even finished the art, on the 22nd of September Evan loads hundreds of animals, minutes past still no sign of rain. Then suddenly rain started pouring the city dam was broken, Evan discovered that the dam was made with poor quality of materials, the art reached its end in front of the city capitol after how many days Evan's family wherein God shows up and told Evan that the way to change the world is by doing Act of Random Kindness (ARK)

 `Suddenly I realized what if suddenly God will just appear out of nowhere and tells you to make an ark, for sure I'll faint when I see him. But can we really make an ark, with the support of the people around you and without hearing criticisms from others.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Luke 3:3-15

We had our first early Youth Sunday School a while ago, God's made a way that most of our youth member came even though it was still early, we had 22 attendants, Praise God. Our Sunday School was led by Mrs. Arcilla one of the active leaders in our church, I was chosen to be the one to lead the prayer I was so scared since I wasn't used to pray out loud. But it went well.. :)) a new achievement is added. 

Our bible verse is Luke chapter 3 verse 3-15 and it was about John the Baptist, he went to the town of Jordan, proclaiming a baptism of repentance of forgiveness of sins, 

  •  "Whoever has two cloaks should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise."
  • Tax Collector:  "Stop collecting more than what is prescribed."
  • Soldiers:  "Do not practice extortion, do not falsely accuse anyone, and be satisfied with your wages."
~Most of the teenagers thinks that reading the bible is boring, but now a days some book authors made a way to make it enjoyable. :)) you can find different kinds of devotional books on book stands, some of the devotional book has different topics like health, love, for mother, father, leaders, they made it easier to read the bible on any age range. 

    Reminiscing God's Blessings

    Yesterday, Me and my Cousin talked about the passed happening in our lives. By next year I'll be turning 20  I'll be the first girl to turn 20 in our Youth Batch I'm so excited but kinda scared also, Cousin will also be turning 22 by September 2011. Time really fly so fast for the both of us we've been super close for more than 5 years since I started joining our youth fellowship at the aged of 13,  his been my Big Brother. After 5 fruitful years new members were added to group, his know as the "Big Brother" that you wished you have, and now his know as the "New Hot Daddy". :P

    I'll be graduating from my teen-aged years I really enjoyed my last year of being a teenager, as of now most of my dreams were already fulfilled;

    • I had the chance to attend the MEA Christmas Institute 
    • Last Mother's Day celebration I had the chance to sing with the best Youth Singers :)) and I didn't cry while singing.. 
    • I'm one of the member of the Children's Ministry and Children's Education, hopefully I can do the things that my mom made when she was still an active in the Children's Ministry. 
    • I'm so blessed that I still found a job even though I only finished a 2 years course

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Everything Happens for a Reason

    Up to I'm still in shocked with what happen last night I didn't expect that Hazel one of the Biggest Loser Contestant was voted of. Since I started to loose weight Hazel and Raffy were my inspiration that anything is possible, they were very close with each other since they entered the camp and I also posted some of their memorable pictures on my first blog site. 

    Hazel 22 years old from Bicol when entered the Biggest Loser Camp her starting weight was 206 lb after 10 weeks now she weighs 171 pounds, last week they went on a military booth camp they had to exert double effort after 5 days I was so shocked that Hazel gained one pound. 

    Raffy also 22 years old from Negros Occidental he was weighing 287 lb after 10 weeks he weighs 229 lb, last nights weigh in his new weight is 226 he lost 2 pounds.

    They made it through the challenges for almost 11 weeks together, that made their stay on the camp much more easier.

    Sadly everything happens for a reason last night Hazel was faced off with Win-win for elimination and Hazel was voted off. Even though their love story inside the camp ended God has a better plans for both of them and soon Raffy and Hazel will see each other again.

    Chubby (Weight doesn't matter)

    Finally, I finished editing our photo shoot, I would like to thank my handsome P'shone for the camera Ate Jogs for being supportive and helpful in participating in the movie My sister for being the best personal assistant ever Jelaine for being the photographer Julia and Kyla for being the best make-up artist..


    My Hobby

    "Nothing beats depression but good food.."

    Yesterday we have our sister's bonding which is cooking even though my lil sister doesn't know how to cook, she still enjoys helping me whenever I cook. Our menu yesterday was pizza supposedly It was a healthy pizza because I used extender meat instead of pork and chicken ham to top our pizza... But when my lil sister made her own version of pizza she put a lot of cheese on top.. :))

    Here are some photo's taken from last night baking bonding..

    Funny to see my sister so focus on perfecting her pizza.. :)

    Yum.. :P Lene's version of healthy pizza.. Full Loaded of Toppings

     My P'shone Pizza
     ~couz I made your own pizza,  I just put little bits of cheese..

    My Nam pizza.. :))

    P'shone Pizza..